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Holly Sklar
Boston, MA
Jul 14 2009 Boston Globe

Jeff Jacoby (“Minimum-wage folly,’’ Op-ed, July 8) correctly quoted me as saying that minimum wage increases do not increase...

Jul 9 2009 New York Times
Change is too slow coming for the nation’s one million home care aides. In 2007, the Supreme Court unanimously upheld a 1975 federal labor regulation that defines home care aides as “companions.” That definition exempts home care employers —...
Jul 9 2009
As the July 24 increase in the federal minimum wage to $7.25 approaches, the Let Justice Roll Living Wage Campaign can provide you with workers, advocates, businesspeople and other spokespeople in favor of raising the minimum wage:
Kris Maher
Jul 6 2009 Wall Street Journal
Excerpt: The change is welcome to workers such as Walter Jasper, 48 years old, who earns $6.55 an hour at Shur Brite Hi Speed Car Wash in Nashville, Tenn. He has worked there for 14 years off and on. His wife earns $7 an hour working at a...
Jul 1 2009
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Mark Lieberman
Jun 17 2009 FOX Business Network
In the wake of the worst economy in decades, a new stimulus is scheduled to take effect next month -- one which will increase pay for about one of every 10 workers, increasing spending power by an estimated $5.5 billion -- yet one prominent...
John Cranford
Jun 13 2009 CQ (Congressional Quarterly) Weekly
Some economic disputes seem destined to be decided in a political setting, and no amount of economic theorizing or empirical work will knock one set of opponents or the other off its position, at least not for very long.

Such is the case...

May 28 2009 Economic Policy Institute
Three-step increase in the minimum wage is adding billions of dollars to consumer spending and stimulating the economy.