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Nancy J. Kemper
Feb 21 2007 Lexington Herald-Leader

In the State of the Commonwealth address, Gov. Ernie Fletcher closed by praising legislators for hanging the banner that reads "In God We Trust" in each chamber.


John Smith
Feb 10 2007 Reading Eagle
The Rev. Dr. Paul H. Sherry has kept his promise.

When asked about plans following his retirement as president of the...

Holly Sklar
Feb 8 2007 Distributed by McClatchy-Tribune News Service

The minimum wage is headed for a raise -- back to the 1950s. That's right, even after rising from $5.15 now to $7.25 in 2009, the federal minimum wage will still be lower than it was in 1956,...

Tim Harper
Feb 5 2007 Toronto Star

Minimum-wage workers in the U.S. today have less buying power than counterparts did 50 years ago


Feb 1 2007
The Let Justice Roll Living Wage Campaign, a national coalition of 91 religious, labor, and community organizations, thanks the Senate for voting to raise the minimum wage. This is a long-overdue...
Michelle Saturley
Feb 1 2007 Business NH Magazine

The battle over the federal minimum wage is escalating as the U.S. House voted in January to raise it from $5.15 to $7.25 per hour over 26 months, with the Senate working on its own version of a...

Paul H. Sherry
Feb 1 2007 Sojourners
A job should keep you out of poverty, not keep you in it.

The 2006 election, in which voters approved minimum wage increases in every state that put the issue on the ballot, is good news for all who are committed to...

Albor Ruiz
Feb 1 2007 Daily News

Albor Ruiz, Daily News (NY). Distributed by McClatchy-Tribune Business News, 2/1/07

The Senate is...

John Godfrey
Jan 30 2007 Wall Street Journal
WASHINGTON -- A Democratic proposal to increase the federal minimum wage cleared one hurdle in the U.S. Senate Tuesday on an 87-10 vote.


Lori Montgomery
Jan 30 2007 Washington Post, 1/30/07
The chief executive of Costco Wholesale, the nation's largest wholesale club, yesterday became the most prominent member of a new organization of business owners and executives pressing Congress to approve an increase in the federal minimum wage...