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Oct 31 2006
Cleveland, OH -- Business owners, executives and venture capitalists around the nation -- including the states where minimum wage is on the ballot Nov. 7 -- are calling for a higher...
Zachary A. Goldfarb and David S. Broder
Oct 28 2006 The Washington Post
David R. Francis
Oct 16 2006 Christian Science Monitor
Rev. Kevin A. Johnson
Oct 14 2006 The Desert Sun
Eric Gorski
Oct 12 2006 Denver Post
Abid Aslam
Oct 3 2006 OneWorld U.S.
Holly Sklar
Sep 27 2006 Distributed by McClatchy-Tribune News Service
Millionaires are so last millennium. The new Forbes 400 list of richest Americans is billionaires only.

If you're net worth is a mere...

Douglas Todd
Sep 23 2006 The Vancouver Sun
A federal report that revealed Greater Vancouver has the highest proportion of working poor in the country stunned many people earlier this month.

In response, economists of various...

Tom Gottlieb
Sep 12 2006 Roll Call, Inc.
Correction Appended

Former Rep. Bob Edgar (D-Pa.) likes to think of himself as a real-life Forrest Gump.


Martin Bennett
Sep 4 2006 Napa Valley Register
This Labor Day, we should commend Gov. Schwarzenegger for supporting an increase of the state minimum wage from $6.75 to $8 an hour by 2008. Wealth and income inequalities have reached levels not experienced in California...